Vadim Rabinovich



Born on Aug 04, 1953, in Kharkov. Studied at Kharkov Car Road Institute.

After the collapse of the former Soviet Union has launched own business.

Today is the owner and the president of several large international companies and media holdings.

In 1995 created TV company “Studio 1+1”, the first independent TV company in Ukraine. In 1998 created “CN – Capital News “Stolichnye Novosti”. In 2000 created Media International Group (MIG) company, that embraces a number of printed, online and Internet media in Ukraine, Russia, Israel and USA.

President of “Ukraine-Israel” Chamber of Commerce and Trade, president of “Keren ha-Yesod” in Ukraine. Since 1999 heads the largest interconfessional association “Step Toward Unity”.

In May 1998 became the chair and the major supporter of the All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress, was re-elected to this position four consequent times and keeps it to the date.

From 1999 till 2009 headed the United Jewish Community of Ukraine (OEOU), and remains its Vice-President.

In 2008 became the Vice-President of the European Council of Jewish Communities.

In 2011 was elected the Vice-President of the European Jewish Union.

In 2012 was elected the co-Chair of the European Jewish Parliament (EJP).

Had been granted the highest awards of Ukraine – “For Deeds” of the II-nd and III-rd level. Is an acting “People’s Ambassador of Ukraine”.

Laureate of “Man of the Year-1997”, in the nomination “Business”, and of the same contest “Man of the Year-2005”, in the nomination “Maecenas”.

On Sep 11, 2005, Vadim Rabinovich donated to Kiev the Memorial dedicated to Victims of 9/11 terrorist attack, that bears words “Thou Shalt Not Kill!”, inscribed in 70 languages; the opening of the memorial attended the President of Ukraine, ambassadors of the USA and Russia, ex-major of New York Rudolph Giuliani.

Was awarded by clergy for the intense charitable activity: award of “Nicholas the Thaumaturgy” for “Enlarging of Good and Kindness on the Earth” by the head of Ukrainian Orthodox Church; the highest award of the Saint Prince Vladimir of the first level “For Deeds on Renaissance of Spirituality in Ukraine” by Ukrainian patriarchate of Christian Orthodox Church of Kiev patriarchate.

In 2011 became a Laureate of the highest award of the international organization “Jerusalem Conference”.

Granted several Certificates of Appreciation of the State of Israel for construction of four synagogues, including three in Jerusalem and one in place of the destroyed by a terrorist attack.

In 2007 purchased 100% of shares of the Football Club “Arsenal” (Kiev), that belongs to the group of leading teams of Ukrainian Football Premier-League.

Founder and president of TV channels O-TV, News One (Ukraine) and Jewish News One (the first satellite international Jewish news TV channel), and a number of Internet media.