Igor Jourist



Date of birth: 26.08.1969 in Kamenez-Podolskij, Ukraine;

Diploma degree at National University of  Science and Technology (MISIS), Moscow – 1993;

Moved to Germany in 1991.

Hamburg Jewish Community member.

German Publishers Association member.


My publishing house Jourist Verlags GmbH  was founded in 1997. It’s a successful and software with a focus on publishing up-to-date  and innovative language translation software and encyclopaedias. Today the co mpany offers about 300 up iPhone, Android, Mac, PC for a multitude of languages: German, French, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish , Czech, Slovak, Russian, Hungarian, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean,  Farsi, Arabic, Hebrew, Thai, Hindi.

Company website: www.jourist.eu