Grigori Pasternak



Grigori  is very much involved in the support of Russian speaking citizens living abroad. He runs the website He is the chief executive of the public organization regarding the Coordination council of the incorporated organizations of the Russian compatriots in The Netherlands (

Grigori is the president of the Center of Russian-speaking Jews in the Benelux countries ( and a member of the Coordination council of the World congress of Russian speaking Jews.

He is members of the International Human Rights Movement “The World Without Nazism” (WWN).

In April, 2011 in Paris he has taken part in General assembly of the European council of the Jewish communities creation of the European Jewish Parliament. On the world congress of compatriots in 2006 he was the head of the Dutch delegation of compatriots.

In The Netherlands he is organizing activities for the young people and he also carries out some activities that already became traditional e.g. celebrating the Victory Day and the celebration of veterans of the Second World War.

Grigori was born in 1959 in Odessa, Ukraine.

He was educated at the Pedagogical High School of Education, K.D. Ushinskogo as a teacher. Later he was working as coach and teacher at the Sport Society “Dinamo”.  He worked as a chairman of a sports school and was also working as a physiotherapist and as private businessman.

He was master of sport in shooting in the highest international degree. He was member of several high ranked sport societies in the USSR ansis also a former world record holder.

Grigori lives in The Netherlands since 1991 and is involved in in public work on consolidation of the Russian-speaking citizens living abroad since 2002.