The European Jewish Parliament Stand with Israel

Dear Members of the European Jewish Parliament,

Brothers and sisters,


Our hearts are broken to pieces. Our minds are still shocked. Our souls are shattered; and our eyes are red from grief and anger, after the massacre by the savages Hamas terrorists, who invaded Southern Israel by surprise on October 7th, the bloodiest day in Jewish history since the Holocaust.

We extend our deep condolences to the families of the victims and we wish Refua Shlema to the wounded. We call for the immediate release of all those being held hostage; babies, children, women, elderly and men.

We are humbled by the bravery of our brethren Israeli civilians and soldiers alike, who fought heroically to save lives on that day of atrocities; and who are fighting continuously since.

The Jewish poeple stand united against this evil,
Left and Right, religious and secular, Israelis and the diaspora –
And when we stand united, we are invincible!

We call upon the leaders of the European Union to unequivocally condemn Hamas and support Israel in this war, that has been inflected on us by Hamas. We expect the EU leaders to demand the immediate release of all the hostages held in Gaza, a war crime by Hamas.

The Jewish poeple has a long memory; we will remember our friends and allies, the governments and individuals who stand with the State of Israel and with the Jewish communities at this time of clear choice between good and evil, human and inhuman.

We salute the brave leaders, heads of states and others, who choose the right side of history over political correctness.

And we will, at the same time, remember those who chose to stay silent and look the other way.

Let us say it clearly so there will be no misunderstandings;
Anti-Zionism and the BDS movement are antisemitism in disguise.

To our enmities we wish to send a clear message – the Jewish spirit is unbreakable!

Stay safe. Stay vigilant.

We pray for peace.

Am Israel Chai!

Tomer Orni
Secretary General