Andrey Magas




1992 High School Diploma from school of Mathematics and Physics,  Kharkov Ukraine;

1993-1994 Prescience school in Tel-Aviv University Israel. Graduated with Diploma;

1994-1996 College of Tel-Aviv University, Diploma of Practical Engineer in Computer Science;

1999- 2001 B.Sc. in Software Engineering with Diploma.


Short life description:

Was born in Ukraine (former USSR) in year 1976 in city Kharkov.

Immigrated to Israel in year 1992.

From 1996 until 1998 I have made a military service in the Israel army.

In 1998 I was married with my wife Alla.

In March 2001 we have relocated to Germany together with many other Israelis, to work for a big international Telecommunication company called Amdocs.

During those 11 years from 2001 until now, we had a period of 2.5 years that we had to return to Israel but then we have decided to return to Germany and to settle in Germany.

Have two daughters 7 and 5 years old.

For last 11 years besides a membership in Dusseldorf Jewish community I am an active member in the international Jewish sport club called Maccabi.

Playing in volleyball team called “Maccabi Dusseldorf”, our “Jewish” team is playing also in the German volleyball league. Of course we participate in all Maccabi turners and in European and Israel “Maccabiada games” once in few years.