Hanukkah Greetings from EJP Chairman Vadim Rabinovych

Dear Members of the European Jewish Parliament,

In Hanukkah we celebrate the miracle of historical and cultural justice; the triumph of light over darkness!

While we face, as a people, communities and individuals constant attacks and challenges, we remain hopeful; and we believe in the triumph of light over darkness.

This time is extremely difficult for all of us. We faced challenges we never thought of, however, we remained united in front of the unbearable horrors of war.

I would like to thank all of you, for your help in rescuing, assisting and giving hope for Jewish community in Ukraine, providing them with humanitarian help, meeting them at the border, accommodating them at your homes and raising money.

All such actions make me confident that we as a nation will withstand everything, becoming just stronger and more united.

I wish you, your families and your communities Happy Hanukkah,

Chag Sameach!

EJP Chairman,

Vadim Rabinovych