European Jewish Parliament Zoom Meeting

The second EJP meeting was held on February, 22 2021.

The participants of the meeting:

Alexander Zanzer – EJP Vice Chairman , Roman Grinberg ( Austria),Boris Mushailov (Azerbaijan), Alexander Sharovsky (Azerbaijan), Alexander Baron (Kazakhstan), Iosif Shats (Moldova), Galina Levina ( Belarus)

Meeting agenda:

 –  Discussing the jewish community updates 

 –  Representing  the current initiatives currently ongoing or planned under the EJP umbrella

 – Outlining the future vectors of EJP activity in the region

This time the main focus of the meeting was on the following issues:

  • the increase of antisemitic actions in different regions
  • joint projects of EJP and Mitsva association
  • the anniversary of Babiy Yar and the online webinars dedicated to it

EJP members also stressed the importance of keeping together even in the online mode to get over the pandemic hardships and to be in touch and launch new projects