The second Kiev Jewish Forum

The second Kiev Jewish Forum took place in September 8 – 9th. This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Forum was held online with the assistance of The Jerusalem Post.

The Forum brought together prominent philanthropists from all around the world. These are the people who try to donate as much as possible by themselves and call on others to participate in charitable activities

Among the most important conclusions, there was an emphasis on the following : Jewish communities are the main instrument for preservation and development of the Jewish life in the post-Soviet countries.

Based on the analysis of the collected data, the Jewish leaders and communities in the region were recommended to pay attention to the development of the online activities and the targeted programs for young and middle-aged people, who, unfortunately, have practically dropped out of focus of the Jewish organizations. A special attention was also drawn to the importance of the Jewish education in shaping Jewish identity and attracting unreached, but interested in community life Jews and their families, that include Israeli citizens living outside the state.