Jews want to have an influence on Europe

European Jewish Parliament (EJP) was established in February 2012 as an initiative of the European Jewish Union (EJU), headed by well-known Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist Igor Kolomoisky.

After agenda discussion, deputies of European Jewish Parliament (EJP) divided into 10 committees that have to create suggestions and ideas for the most pressing issues of European Jewish communities life.

“Expressed opinions are interesting, new and sometimes are quite groundbreaking – said co-chair of the European Jewish Parliament (EJP), Vadim Rabinovich. – We see how the situation in Europe, sometimes comes to a standstill, and members of European Jewish Parliament should really offer revolutionary ideas. We need new and fresh thoughts, conceptual solutions for radically changes in European Jewry,  in communities of European countries, in relationships between Europe and Israel and many other questions … And EJP committees work on these issues.”

Members of the European Jewish Parliament (EJP) have an opportunity to present their proposals at the special website, where each EJP member has its own page now. According to joint decision, meetings of Jewish deputies with parliamentarians of almost all European countries to be held for discussion of local issues.

EJP meeting has created an enormous interest among European parliamentarians. At the scheduled joint meeting in European Parliament leaders of many countries, leading political figures of Europe will address to deputies . On EU Parliament initiative a joint discussion of hot-button theme “The influence of European and global financial crisis on the growth of anti-Semitism in Europe.” to be held. 

Special correspondent for European Jewish Parliament meeting Vladimir Katsman