“The Crystal Wall of Wailing” is a new conceptual object in Babi Yar, Ukraine

The 80 anniversary on the horrible tragedy in Babi Yar is marked by a number of official events attended by the highest officials from different countries. One of the most astonishing objects is “The Crystal Wall of Wailing” presented by the conceptual artist Marina Abramovich.

“The Holocaust has changed the history of mankind forever. We are all emotionally shaken by this tragedy. When I reflected on my contribution to the project related to the theme of Babi Yar, three things were important to me. First, the object doesn’t have to be just a sculpture. Secondly, it must be interactive. Thirdly, the object cannot only be a reflection of the past, but must carry a message to the future. ” Marina Abramovich about the new conceptual object in Babi Yar.

This memorial site will be one of the largest built in Europe over the past decade. Its length will reach 40 meters and a height of 3 meters. The wall consists of 75 quartz blocks, and 25 people are able to visit it at the same time. Quartz crystals contain anthracite – the most widespread type of coal in Ukraine. Therefore, this material is used for the construction of the installation.