On International Holocaust Remembrance Day European Jewish Parliament Board and Maccabi Europe held online meeting

On January 27th 20201, the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the EJP Board meeting  was held online. It was attended by representatives from Maccabi Europe. The EJP Vice Chairman Cefi Kamhi, EJP Vice Chairman Alexander Zanzer and EJP Secretary General Tomer Orni were present at the meeting.

In event of the International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust the participants of the meeting discussed the current situation with Antisemitism and Europe and elaborated the joint action plan.

Stuart Greenberg, The Life President of Maccabi Europe ensured full support of Maccabi Europe in combatting Antisemitism.

Special concern was voiced regarding the situation with Antisemitism in the Netherlands in the light of the recent anti governmental protests where Jewish Community was targeted.

EJP and Maccabi discussed the actions to support Jewish Community in the Netherlands and put the current situation in the spot light of European International Organisations.

“We are, as Jewish community, very small but extremely strong. Antisemitism is a part of a backbone of European society, it is in its DNA. People expressing Antisemitism in any form need to realise that if they come after our people, they come after each and every Jew in the world”, – said Tomer Orni, EJP Secretary General

“Also, it was decided to hold Zoom meeting for EJP members dividing them into small working groups and discussing actual issues as well as listening to the speakers attending the Zoom meeting. ”, – said the EJP Vice Chairman Cefi Kamhi

“Sharing news from different countries, expressing concerns and finding common solutions will build bridges between Jewish communities, granting EJP members the chance to be heard. As well, the chance to set up new initiatives under EJP umbrella”, – said the EJP Vice Chairman Alexander Zanzer