Fri, 26 Apr
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Romanian prime minister says she will move embassy to Jerusalem

EJP member in Romania Maximillian Marco Katz commented on Romanian's intention to move its embassy to Jerusalem:

"During her visit in the US, in March 2019, addressing the AIPAC, Mrs. Viorica Dancila, the Prime Minister of Romania, declared that Romania is going to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This is the 3ed such announcement that the Romanian Government is releasing since January 2018, when the Romanian Government adopted the formal decision to make such a move. Unfortunately, who is deciding where the embassies of Romanian should be located is not the Romanian Government but the President of Romania: and the President of Romania said very clearly that Romania will follow the EU policies in the matter and it will not move the embassy as announced by the Government.
The position of the President, which is said to be dictated from Berlin, is well known and it didn’t change for the last 14 months. It is also known that between the Romanian Government and the President of Romania, there is an open conflict going on since the last parliamentary election back in 2017. It seems that moving the Romanian embassy to Jerusalem became an element manipulated by both sides in this conflict: some say that the Romanian Government, knowing that it has no constitutional, legal say in the matter, is trying to put the President of Romania in a difficult position vis a vis Israel and the USA.
On the other hand, the reactions of the President of Romania are showing that he is not what we call “a friend of Israel”. While attacking the Romanian Government for the plan to move the embassy to Jerusalem, the President doesn’t miss any opportunity to point out the “damages” done by the Government siding with Israel to Romania’s interests. It is most disturbing is to see the President of Romania being receptive and sympathetic towards the Arab leaders that canceled, because of the speech of the Romanian PM at the AIPAC, visits and meetings with Romanian officials while the same President is adopting a very cold and distant attitude towards Israel’s desire to see all the embassies located in its Capital. Not to mention past annoying declarations of the President generated by the visits of Romanian Government leaders in Israel.

All this is happening in a year when Romania is preparing for Euro-parliamentarian and Presidential elections. It seems that once again, Israel and the Jews are pulled in local electoral games. I personally, as a Romanian citizen, as Romanian Jew and as an Israeli citizen hope that the plan of the Romanian Government to move the embassy to Jerusalem, the Capital of Israel, will happen as soon as possible: this is the just thing to do!"

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