Wed, 21 Aug
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Open Letter to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine

Dear Mr. Pshonka

October 1, 2013 an act of violence against a citizen Dmitriy Flekman was committed in Lviv. Officers from the Lviv town police station detained and humiliated him. Mr. Flekman was beaten directly at the police station office. 

On behalf of the Jewish community of Ukraine I would like to express gratitude for a fair and transparent investigation of the unlawful acts committed by the police officers of the city in relation to Mr. Flekman.


We thank you for taking matters under your control and we kindly ask you to follow the case to its logical end. Guilty persons must be punished and brought to justice. We rely on your continued support and cooperation in the fight for justice.


Yours sincerely,


Co-Chairman of the European Jewish Parliament                                      Vadim Rabinovich

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