Mon, 14 Oct
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The official Statement of the Jewish Religious Community in Krakow

Regarding the actions undertaken in the Isaak Synagogue in Krakow: the President of the Polish Jewish community Monika Krawczyk released the official Statement of the Jewish Religious Community in Krakow regarding the misunderstanding between Jewish Community in Krakow and Chabad which resulted in locking The Izaak Synagogue in Krakow and worshippers not been able to enter.
It stated that the Union’s Board keeps in touch with both sides of the conflict and will try to mediate for finding compromised solution – in accordance to the law. Meanwhile, the religious freedom of Jews in Krakow is guaranteed and the synagogues Remu, Kupa, Temple and JCC are available for the services. The Statement calls for peaceful conflict settlement and urged not to make any radical statement or taking sides, especially in the media.


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