Wed, 21 Aug
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EJP meets again in Brussels

European Jewish Parliament (EJP) held its annual general assembly in Brussels as EJP`s work important for Jews in Europe.

Great interest aroused this event among European politicians. Members of European Parliament  Fiora Provera (Italy), Mihai Kaminski (Poland), Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on European Integration of the Lithuanian Seimas Emanuelis Zingeris addressed to assembly.

Very tough conversation held Jewish parliamentarians with their European counterparts on the results of anti-Semitism monitoring  in Europe.


One of important talks at the GA was with the president of the largest European TV channel “Euronews” Michel Peters, who specially arrived to meet MJEPs. The key point was the Middle East situation in the news of Europe.  Mr. Peters said that this dialogue was very hard but necessary for many reasons and he keeps in touch with Vadim Rabinovich in order to improve the situation.

It became clear that EJP already won the trust as the main platform of dialogue with the Muslim world.

And if the previous session in Brussels EJP special guest was Ambassador of Kingdom of Bahrain, this time the Azerbaijani MP Arai Guliyev arrived in Brussels with a special presentation about tolerance in Azerbaijan , including a film about the life of Jews in the country.

EJP deputies express their interest in the situation in Ukraine. At their request, co-chairman Vadim Rabinovich updated them.

At Gala Diner European and Belgian politicians were unanimous: EJP has become an important factor in political life and interfaith dialogue in Europe.


Volodymyr Katsman – Member of European Jewish Parliament

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