Mon, 14 Oct
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A Holocaust Memorial desecrated in Greece

A Holocaust Memorial  in the central Greek city of Trikala was desecrated several days ago.  EJP members are deeply concerned with the growing wave of antisemitic acts sleeping Greece....

Jewish Carnaval Puppets

Two Jewish community representative groups in Belgium expressed anger and misunderstanding after a Carnival parade in the streets of the Belgian city of Aalst featured giant antisemitic puppets of ...

EJP meets again in Brussels

European Jewish Parliament (EJP) held its annual general assembly in Brussels as EJP`s work important for Jews in Europe. Great interest aroused this event among European politicians. Members of...

EJP strengthen ties with Finnish government and Jewish community

On December 2013, EJP Co-Chairman Joël Rubinfeld travelled to Helsinki, Finland for a 3-day visit for meetings with Finnish Members of Parliament and State Secretary to the Minister of the Int...

Open Letter to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine

Dear Mr. Pshonka October 1, 2013 an act of violence against a citizen Dmitriy Flekman was committed in Lviv. Officers from the Lviv town police station detained and humiliated him. Mr. Flekman w...

European Jews help Israel

Vadim Rabinovich, the co-chair of European Jewish Parliament (EJP), met up with leader of  "Israel Our Home" party, Chairman of the Israeli Knesset's Foreign Affairs and security...

EJP welcomes EU`s `step forward`

The European Jewish Parliament (EJP) welcomes as a step forward the decision of the European Union to add the military wing of Hezbollah to the EU list of designated terrorist organizations. Whi...

EJP denounces the new European Commission guidelines

The European Jewish Parliament (EJP) expresses outrage at the new European Commission guidelines determining that Israeli Governmental and Non-Governmental entities from the pre-1967 lines are not ...

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Mikhael Mirilashvili awarded the highest EJP award

Struma disaster 77th anniversary

The biggest project of the Jewish Community of Kosovo



DOCUMENTS EJP Constitution - draft for the GA in Brussels Dec 2013

Open Letter to Lady Ashton regarding Hezbollah