Fri, 19 Oct
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EJP Statement

 On 7th of December, 2017, the European Jewish Parliament held an annual General Assembly in Brussels. During the meeting, MEJPs adopted the following statement:  Brusse...

Happy Passover!!!!

Dear friends! Happy Passover!!!!

Our Thoughts Are With The Turkish People and The Families of the Victims

The thoughts of all of us at the European Jewish Parliament goes to the Turkish People in the aftermath of the  horrible terror attack yesterday that hit Ataturk Airport in Istanbul yesterday....

We will miss MEJP László Bányai

Dear MEJPs It is with great sorrow that we bring to you the very sad news regarding the death of MEJP László Bányai, after a long battle with a disease. Lászl&oacu...

Happy Passover!!!

Dear friends! Happy Passover!!!!

EJP Chairman Vadim Rabinovich and the renowned philanthropies Mikhail Fridman meeting in Kiev

In Kiev a meeting was held on on Sunday, 27/03/16, between Ukranian MP Vadim Rabinovich,  Chairman of the European Jewish Parliament EJP & Chairman of the Supervisory B...

EJP Chairmen Vadim Rabinovich and JAFI Chairman Nathan Sharansky meeting in Kiev

In Kiev a meeting was held on Sunday, 27/03/16,  between Ukranian MP Vadim Rabinovich, Chairman of the European Jewish Parliament EJP &  Chairman of the Supervisory Boa...

Terror in Belgium - EJP Statement

The European Jewish Parliament stands united in solidarity with the Belgium Nation, in the aftermath of the shocking terror attacks of yesterday in Brussels. The Islamist groups, who only days a...

EJP Events

Great success for the first European Jewish Choir Festival

EJP gathers in Poland for its General Assembly

"Anti-Semitism is part of Europe's DNA"



EJP Constitution - draft for the GA in Brussels Dec 2013

Open Letter to Lady Ashton regarding Hezbollah