Mitstva association and Jewish community in Kazakhstan held big online Seder

The traditional meal of the Passover holiday in a remote format gathered for a large virtual table of dozens of families from Jewish communities republics, as well as foreign countries.

– From century to century, conducting seders, Jews make a mental Exodus fromEgypt. Among the main purposes of this custom is not only to remember events deep antiquity, when they became a people, and Moses received 10 commandments, but also to feel like free people. In understanding traditions, freedom is, first of all, freedom of thought, freedom of choice, which every person should feel.

This feeling comes thanks to knowledge, erudition, broad outlook. Therefore, learning is one from the commandments of the Jewish tradition.

During the Seder, a film about the Passover traditions was shown. Each participant traditional meal was able to share his judgments and knowledge about holiday of Passover.