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Dagmar Gavornikova

Since 2008: ProCare ProSanus Health Care center, Bratislava, director. Responsible for 100+ professional employees providing care for more than 12 000 registered patient. Health Care center has rapidly improved quality of care and has reached excellent figures and belongs to the most demanded points of care in Slovakia, among the managerial position consecutively active as gynecologist in the clinic;

2007-2008: ProCare Inc. Slovakia - Medical Manager. Responsibility for medical supervision within new private network of health care clinics;

1994- Gynecologists in ambulatory  - of ProCare ProSanus Health Care center Bratislava; 

1993-2007: B. Braun Medical Non Hospital Care - OPM / Hospital Industry / OEM Sales manager; 

1989-1993: Head of Department Gynecology and Obstetrics  at Hospital in Tunisia, as a medical help for organization, who cooperated with “Doctors without borders”. Working there also for the International organization Planning family

1980-1989: Regional hospital  Galanta, Slovakia,  department of gynecology & obstetric.


Academic Background:

1992: Advanced professional certification:  Gynecology & Obstetrics;

1985: Professional certification: Gynecology & Obstetrics;

1974-1980: Medical doctor degree at Faculty of medicine Comenius University Bratislava, Slovakia;

1970-1974: High school, Bratislava, specialized for math and nature sciences.


Courses and Trainings:

2012: Advanced course for creating and maintaining archetypes and semantic interoperability of medical information systems, Ocean Informatics, UK;1980-2012: participation on workshop and conferences (local and international) aimed to share new surgery techniques and concepts, tools, methods, drugs prescription and therapy in different medical areas, mainly gynecology.

1994-2001:courses of sales Training and technique;

1996: Trainings regarding financial management and HR management;

2000: Special workshops and trainings, focused to improve the diplomacy protocol, negotiation and assertivity;

2004: Consultancy and workshops targeted to new form of economic analysis, regarding the business intelligence  and score carding for efficient health care management.


Professional Associations Membership:

1994- Slovak society for gynecology;

1994- Slovak physician society;

2002- European society for contraception. 


Social Activities and Community Work:

Since 2001: Slovak Maccabi  Organisation, chairman;

2001-2012: Coordinator and organization of sports, cultural and social events; 

2011: European Maccabi games, Vienna, head of Slovak delegation;

2009: Maccabiah (World Maccabi games) - Israel Head of Slovak delegation;

2007: European Maccabi games, Rome, head of Slovak delegation ;

2005: Maccabiah (World Maccabi games) - Israel Head of Slovak delegation;

2003: European Maccabi games, Antwerp, Belgium, Head of Slovak delegation;

2001: Maccabiah (World Maccabi games) – Israel, Head of Slovak delegation, active participation in squash. 


Since 1995 member of B’NAI B’RITH, Slovakia (my father was a constituent member of Organization).


I was born in Presov, town in eastern Slovakia. My parents – father lawyer, mother economist - came from Orthodox families. Almost all my mother's family died in Auschwitz and a lot of person of my father´s family. My mom was one of the few survivors of concentration camps suffering. The most beautiful moments of my childhood were those moments, when we were at Shabbat and holidays and the whole family met at my father's parents. During the communist times it was difficult to be Jewish. In 1971 because of persecution regime my family had moved to Bratislava. Therefore it was difficult for me to apply for university study, but finally, thanks to our friends I have got chance. I have graduated at Commenius University Bratisalva, Faculty of Medicine and I became a gynecologist. 

I have two children Jana and Michael, both are actively involved in Maccabi activities. Jana is a member of Future Leaders Forum (FLF) of the European Maccabi Confederation (EMC). 

I feel like it is important to introduce the reason for understanding the mentality of Slovak Jews. You need to know the part of our history here. Slovakia was one of very few countries, which voluntarily decided during the World War Second to sent Jews to their deaths. 

For Jews from Slovakia, the Holocaust began with the Declaration of the first Slovak Republic, the so-called Slovak State. Mode of the new state from its inception acted openly against the Jewish minority. Jews were not allowed to attend secondary schools and universities, may not perform as legal or medical profession. Then began aryanization businesses, shops, farmland. Since September 1941 had every Slovak Jew to wear a yellow star fixed on clothing. Slovak Jews sealed the tragedy especially constitutional law, which legalized in May 1942 has already begun deportation. The climax of the Holocaust brought the 25th March 1942, when he left the first transport of one thousand of women and girls from Poprad to Poland. Exchange of notes between the German and Slovak Foreign Ministry it was agreed that the Slovak government paid for each Jew of Slovak nationality, who was, or still to be taken to the empire, the amount of the 500 RM. The German Government has appointed conventions waives any further claims on the Jews assets taken over in the name of Slovak state after departure of dozen thousand Jews from the Slovak territory. In connection with the Slovak Holocaust are given a variety of data between the 57 - and 90-thousand Jews were deported. Slovak State had survived only about 18 thousand of them. Currently living witnesses of the Holocaust are only less than one percent of the pre-war Jewish population of Slovakia in its pre-war borders.

Between 1945 - 1948 the majority of anti-Semitic speech was rooted in property law issues in the Czech Republic but rather to obtain Jewish property in Slovakia before the retention. Lengthy address the issue of restitution was one of the outbreaks of anti-Semitism. Jewish emigration began.

Another  wave of emigration, which part has been the emigration of Jews was the period after 1968, when the invasion of Warsaw Pact troops into our country because of the fictional defense of socialism, for many if extinguished hope for an end stage of communism.

In Slovakia today about 3 thousand. population avows to the Judaism. However, we do believe, that there is much more of us here. After many years of persecution in the communist period it was also hard to believe, that once there will be a period when we will be able to report openly to Judaism and our children will grow up in a democratic country. Difficult period after World War II, survivors the Holocaust attempt to protect their children and the question Jewry remained secret. It also contributed to mixed marriages, which gained predominance in education Gentile partner. And so is the attempt also by Maccabi movement of sporting events to return them to Jewish identity. 

I should mention here two of the many stories: 

1. Parents of son, aged 40 year had came to me after the tennis tournament and thanked me because they never believed their son participate in Jewish events before. They were a typical example of generation, who until then concealed their Jewish identity. 

2. Chance brought us 30 years tennis player who grew up in a family that kept their Jewishness hidden. Only in the USA, where she had attending the university, she had a boy friend, with whom they had exchanged their stories concerning the childhood and they have learned they are exceedingly similar. And the young man had advised her to ask details at home. 

When in 2001, I joined for the first time Maccabiah in Israel as the head of joining as head of  small Slovak delegation the whole opening ceremony, I cried. They were tears of joy but also sadness that the majority of my ancestors could not be present of that great moment of time. However, I have gained a new family - friends who share the same idea as I do. We need to show to the world, that we are here standing proudly for our identity, singing Hebrew songs of our ancestors, doing sports, rejoice in the life and doing everything that will strengthen the Jewish community. One of the new friends, Motti Tichauer, he had the idea to organize an international Maccabi tennis tournament in Slovakia. We made it happen and now it's probably the only tournament of this format, which had reached the 11-year history and had involved our friends from over 12 countries to participate. In addition, the Slovak Maccabi team is used to organize the Winter Games, which had once tradition even in 1936, when the Olympiad was the largest sporting event in Europe. Last year the tradition of Slovak Summer Maccabi Games begun. Despite fact, they are relatively small in count of participant (try to look for top athletes among 3 thousand of Jews) we have futsal players, volleyball, squash, tennis, table tennis, cycling, chess, swimming, skiing. 24-member expedition of Slovak Maccabi Organization to the EMG 2011 in Vienna obtained 3 bronze for swimming - the 4x50 freestyle relay, 4x50 medley and 100m character, bronze for tennis double - women, bronze and gold in squash, silver for shooting a special award for promoting global movements Maccabi for me.

We have many members who have just finally found the sport thanks to what they were missing - identity. So many in adulthood are familiar with Jewish history, traditions, holidays, singing Hebrew songs, dances ... Through sport, participation in national and international sporting events Maccabi found new friends, get to know Holly Land and bring their families back to Jewish identity. 

And that's most beautiful and important, what our work for Maccabi brings.



We wish you and your families Happy Passover!

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