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Nathan Moked

Nathan Moked was born in the Netherlands in 1948.  After study at the Jewish high school in Amsterdam he went to Israel where he served in the Israeli Defense Forces and studied Classical Languages at the Hebrew University. For some 10 years he held various positions at some of Israel's hotels, when he felt attracted to a field that had just started: computers.  He was trained as a computer programmer and as a system analyst and worked with many aspects of computers during some 15 years.  

After having lived in Israel for 34 years his mother, back in the Netherlands, began feeling old and lonely and asked Nathan and his wife (also from Dutch origin) to come back to the Netherlands.  They resettled there, while their three daughters built up their life in Israel. They gave them six grandchildren. 

Nathan is the General Secretary of the Portuguese Jewish Community in Amsterdam, having his office at the famous Portuguese Synagogue there, built in 1675. In 2011 his wife passed away as the result of a tragic accident.



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