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Joel Chaskalovic

2016: Qualified Full Professor of French Universities in Applied Mathematics.

2011-2015: Upper Grade Associate Professor. Faculty of Engineering, (Sorbonne University).

1995: Associate Professor. Faculty of theoretical Mechanics, (Sorbonne University).

1992: Senior Lecturer with tenure. Faculty of theoretical Mechanics, (Sorbonne University).

1988: Lecturer. Faculty of theoretical Mechanics, (Sorbonne University).

-  Director of Methodology and Media Research, Publicis Media Group (2003-2007)

Co-Director in ROI Project (Return On Investment), Geo-marketing and Media Database Intelligence.

-  Director of Data Mining, Publicis Technology (1998-2002)

Realization & Conception of Data Mining models for profiling and extrapolation of marketing target “likely Avantime” (Renault).

-  Director of Scientific Research, Publicis Group (1993-1997)

Optimization of Media planning Television: Conception of a specific tool for advertising space buying. R&D team management (7 people in the team).



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