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Laszlo Banyai

Expert and advisor  in international law; in the Israeli –  Palestinian conflict; in foreign affairs; Communication and Organisational Strategy; Lobby; Sinology;

04.11.2010: Personal Chief Advisor; Foreign affairs; Jewish affairs; Deputy of Mayor in other special projects; Mayor of Budapest;

Public sector:

01.04.2004: Advisor; Jewish politics, communication and strategy; lobby activity;

Rav Shlomo Koves – Unified Hungarian Jewish Association.

01.11. 1998: Journalist: articles in Foreign Affairs and Israeli – Palestinian conflict;Newspaper writing;Hetek – weekly;

01.01.2002 – 31.01. 2003: Journalist and editor;Newspaper writing; Politics and economy;Budapest Daily

15.09.2001 – 30.06. 2002: Hebrew teacher; Hebrew language instruction; Jewish University and Rabbinical Seminar;

01. 09. 1993 – 30.06. 2000:University lecturer;Lectures and work-shops: Chinese law, politics and philosophy; Hebrew University of Jerusalem; University of Haifa; University of Tel-Aviv;

01.08.1986 – 30.04. 1994:Scientific Research Fellow, Scientific Research: Comparative law: Hungarian Academy of Sciences: Institute of Law and Politics; 30. Országház  street 1014; Budapest;

15.04. 1981 -30.07. 1986: University lecturer;Lectures and researches: International and Comparative Law ; Philosophy of Law; Sociology of Law; Miskolc University;

01.09.1979 – 14. 04.1981: Assistant lecturer, Lectures and workshops: Philosophy and Sociology, Kando Kalman Technical College, Budapest;

01.09. 1977 – 30.08. 1979: Scientific Research Assistant,Lectures and workshops: Philosophy and Sociology, University of Budapest;

01.09.1976 – 30.08. 1977: Legal counselor; Legal activity, Láng Factory; Budapest;

01.09.1971 – 31.07.1976: dr.  of Law and Politics; All fields of Law and Politics; University of Budapest: Legal and Political Faculty;

01.09.1976 – 30.07.1980: Teacher of Chinese language and literature; Chinese history; Chinese language: classical and modern; Chinese literature; and so on. University of Budapest: Philological Faculty;

01.09.1980 – 30.07.1984: Philosopher; University of Budapest: Philological Faculty;History of Philosophy; Logics; Psychology, Kant, Hegel, Marx and so on.



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