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Caroline Ohayon


DESC Emergency Medecine 2011;

DU Management of Vital Emergencies,2011,PLAISANCE P. PhD (Lariboisière).

Third cycle of medical studies TCEM 2009-Speciality General Medecine Paris;

Upper secondary medical studies (DCEM,)2005-2009,University Paris VII Lariboisiere St Louis Paris, France;

Master of Cellular Biology and Physiology and Pathology,2005-2008;     

Lower secondary medical studies (PCEM),2002-2005,University Paris VII Lariboisiere St Louis Paris, France;


Relevant Experience and Accomplishments:

Involved in Communautary associations: 

HAVERIM: organising events for the jewish younth;

La Table de Shabbat: organising shabbaton for lonely student;

Ben Dori: creating a link between generations; 

UJJAF: jewing professionnal networking.


Research in hematology: Immunophenotyping of lymphoma Summer 2008, Laboratory of Hematology Dr Dora BEN ALON Ph.D Barzilaï Medical Center Ashkelon, Israel.


Monitor in a Summer Camp (Gan Anim) Paris Summer 2002.



SASPAS Nov 2011 to May 2012: Dr Laval / Scholar Medecine /Dr Aubert /St Louis ER;

Department of Pediatrics ( Emergencies, Neonat, General) May2011 to Nov 2011, TALON P PhD;

Practionner stage level 1 Dr LOSCHEIDER Nov 2010 to May 2011, 31 rue Saint Lazare 75009 Paris;

Department of Internal Medecine Montfermeil May to November 2010,  DESSOUTTER P PhD;

Department of General emergencies Montfermeil Nov 2009 to May 2010,  RAPHAEL  M PhD, SAFRANO G PhD;

Department of obstetrics Hadassah Ein Karem Jerusalem June to September 2009,  LAUFER N PhD;

Department of Intensive cares Bichat Hospital Paris March to May 2009, WOLFF Michel Ph.D;

Department of Pediatrics Robert Debre Hospital Paris January to March 2009, BOURILLON Antoine Ph.D;

Department of Internal Medecine& Toxicology Fernand Widal Hospital Paris October to December 2008, DALLY Sylvain Ph.D ;

Department of Hematology Barzilai Medical Center Ashkelon  ISRAEL July to September 2008, LUGASSY Gilles Ph.D ( clinics and laboratory: Cytofluorometry FACS);

Department of Gyneco obstetrics Robert Debré Hospital Paris, France April to June 2008, OURY Jean-François Ph.D;

Department of Rhuematology  Lariboisiere Hospital Paris, France January to March 2008, BARDIN Thomas Ph.D, ORCEL Phillipe Ph.D; 

Department of Neurosurgery Lariboisiere Hospital Paris, France October to December 2007, GEORGE Bernard Ph.D;

Department of General Surgery Ichilov Medical Center Tel Aviv ISRAEL July to September 2007, KLAUSNER Joseph Ph.D;

Department of Pediatric Radiology Robert Debré Hospital Paris France March to June 2007, SEBAG Guy Ph.D;

Department of Immunology St Louis Hospital Paris, France January to March 2007, OKSENHENDLER Eric Ph.D;

Department of Cardiology Lariboisiere Hospital Paris, France October to December 2006, BEAUFILS Philipe Ph.D/ Leenhart Antoine Ph.D;

Department of Internal Medecine St Louis Hospital Paris, France February and May 2006, FARGE Dominique Ph.D / SERENI Daniel Ph.D;

Department of Dermatology St Louis Hospital Paris, France November 05 to June 06, MOREL Patrice Ph.D;

Department of Gastroenterology St Louis Hospital Paris, France November 04 to June 05, LEHMAN Marc Ph.D.



We wish you and your families Happy Passover!

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