MEJP Vittorio Pavoncello expressed gratitude on behalf of EJP to Italian opposition leader Matteo Salvini

Italian opposition leader Matteo Salvini in his speech in the Italian Parliament expressed support to Israel and used warm and lovely words for Israel.

“The antisemitism of a certain traditional part of the Right and a certain part of the Left is our enemy,” Salvini said. “We are duty bound to combat those who say the Jews are the Nazis of today. There are those who think that within [the] Islamic world but also within certain parts of Europe.”

“Those who want to wipe out Israel have us as opponents, now and always,” Salvini stated. “Those who want it to be destroyed are antisemitic and should be challenged.”

“The State of Israel is the insurance policy of all Jews in the world. Anti-Zionism means to oppose our full existence. Anyone who opposes the existence of the Jewish state is antisemitic,” he said.