Jewish Danish community sets up Cultural Festival of Copenhagen

EJP member Rachel Levy announces a vital event for the whole Jewish community – Jewish Cultural Festival of Copenhagen

The Jewish Cultural Festival of Copenhagen opens on 1 June with dancing at the Round Tower in the Danish capital.

Professional dancer and choreographer Esther Wrobel will transform the wall between the church and the Round Tower into a vertical dance floor, marking a connection between Danish Jews and Christian IV, to whom we owe both the Round Tower and the invitation to the Jews in 1622.

From its beginnings in 2011, The Jewish Cultural Festival hassought to reach out to the surrounding community. Throughout the years, it has been able to expand its partnerships and venues, thanks to the work of the festival’s energetic partners Jette and Jacob Zylber.

“We’ve wanted to go outside the walls for a long time. Although we have good conditions in Krystalgade, we come out to a different audience and that creates a different atmosphere. This year we’ve brought in the Bellevue Theatre, where the Portuguese ballet company Quorum will perform. We also have several events at the National Museum and Cinemateket, and Børsen and Trinitatis Church are also participating,” said Rachel Levy

Therewill also be an opportunity to go around Copenhagen with a Jewish city walk and a bike ride around some of the places that are particularly linked to Jewish history. The bike ride is in collaboration with the Danish Jewish Museum, which is also taking part in this year’s festival, although the museum building itself is still closed for renovation.