Sat, 23 Feb
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Deputies of EJP met in Kiev with a group of their Ukrainian colleagues

Deputies of the European Jewish Parliament (EJP) met in Kiev with a group of their Ukrainian colleagues in the framework of their visit to a number of European and Asian countries.

The delegation was led by EJP two co-chairmen: for the countries of Western Europe - the Chairman of the Belgian Jewish community, Joel Rubinfeld; for countries of Eastern and Central Europe - the President of the All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress Vadim Rabinovich.

At the meeting in Kiev, members of Ukrainian and European parliaments discussed several important international and internal Ukrainian issues, the life of the Jewish community of Ukraine and its contact with communities in Europe. A participant of the meeting, MP Ian Tabachnik noted with satisfaction that many approaches in solving major up-to-date challenges by Ukrainian and European parliamentarians are the same. He also thanked the European MPs for their invitation of Ukrainian colleagues to visit Brussels, where in a little while there would be held a regular meeting of EJP.

"I've heard and read a lot about Ukraine, but what I saw with my own eyes in many ways is a complementary knowledge, which at any rate changes my impression, said co-chairman of EJP Joel Rubinfeld in an interview with our correspondent after the meeting. - I am sure that such contacts of parliamentarians are very useful as they open our eyes to new aspects of the problems, bring us together and suggest recipes for many common solutions of very difficult issues. I hope, this trip is useful for both sides, it strengthens the position of parliamentarism. We'll continue our way towards each other, we'll be able to estimate the convergence of Ukraine and Europe in a new way."

According to Joel Rubinfeld, the delegation of EJP parliamentarians is leaving Kiev for Riga, not only for inter-parliamentary contacts, but also to participate in some events of anti-fascist forces in connection with the activation of revenge-seekers in the Baltic countries.

Before trip to Kiev EJP delegation met in Jerusalem with the leadership of the State of Israel, and traveled to Amman for meetings with Jordan's King Abdullah II and members of the country parliament.


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