European Jewish Parliament welcomes IHRA members’ strong condemnation of rehabilitation of Nazi collaborators

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), containing 35 member and liaison countries, issued a statement condemning “all attempts to rehabilitate the reputations of persons who were complicit in the crimes of the Holocaust and the genocide of the Roma.”

European Jewish Parliament Chairman Vadim Rabinovich welcomed the move, adopted at the 2020 IHRA Berlin Plenary, as a clear sign of a commitment to oppose and isolate such efforts.

“The preservation of historical memory, the prevention of Holocaust denial as well as advocating against the glorification of Nazi collaborators are among the top priorities of European Jewish Parliament. Our mission is to safeguard the historical truth and perpetuate the memory of heroes and victims.”

Historical truth and accuracy need to be protected for the future generations. Any efforts to distort or deny the true facts of the Holocaust, including the rehabilitation or even glorification of Nazi collaborators, are extremely dangerous as they open the way to all kinds of racist and xenophobic movements

the Chairman said


European Jewish Parliament has long focused on advocating against the phenomenon of rehabilitation and glorification of Nazi collaborators, a widespread issue, particularly in post-communist countries.