European Jewish Parliament welcomes additional measures taken in Austria to protect synagogues and other Jewish institutions

European Jewish Parliament is delighted to know that the Austrian government will do everything in order to guarantee the safety of Jewish citizens.

Following the shocking attack on EJP member, the leader of Graz’s Jewish community, Elie Rosen, who was assaulted by a man with a wooden object resembling a baseball bat. The incident followed two attacks on the Graz synagogue in which windows were broken with chunks of concrete. The incidents prompted condemnation by political leaders and Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer declared:

“Last week’s incidents in Graz are shocking and not acceptable. In Austria, there is no place for antisemitism.’’

‘’It is not solely a matter of  criminal law with property damage and attempted personal injury, but first and foremost an absolutely unacceptable attack on fundamental rights and freedoms.  It was an attack on the freedom of religion and the diversity of lifestyles in our society”

“Austria stands for freedom as well as a diverse society and is aware of its historic responsibility”, the Interior Minister stressed. “The security of the Jewish community in Austria is especially important to us. Our police work in close collaboration with the security staff of the Jewish community to ensure their safety.’’

The minister added: ‘’I have in the meantime ordered further measures so that synagogues and other Jewish institutions will be protected by uniformed and civil police officers around the clock in the coming weeks.”