European Jewish Parliament takes part at the Global Economic Impact Forum on Ukraine

European jewish Parliament was invited to attend the Global Economic Impact Forum on Ukraine. It is a great chance to discuss urgent social issues including the initiatives towards the Jewish community of Ukraine.

EJP Vice Chairman Cefi Kamhi is invited as the speaker at the Forum. He is going to address the actions of EJP and upcoming initiatives to secure and protect Jewish community.

Since the recent conflict began, the International Trade Council (ITC) has been the organiser of the weekly web conferences revolving around the global economic impact resulted from the war in Ukraine. Speakers at these online forums have included government Ministers from Ukraine, as well as legislators from the USA, Canada, Sweden, Estonia, Moldova and other nations.

In their role as ITC, they organised the first in-person event to look at the wider economic consequences as part of a two day event – the Global Economic Impact Forum on Ukraine.

This event is non-political in nature and will address issues of:

  • Sanctions and economic cooperation
  • Supply chains and logistics
  • Global food security
  • Trade
  • Investment

The format is largely panel discussions; with off-side events / meetings able to be arranged between participants. This is an invite-only conference and held solely for the benefit of regional development with a focus on Ukraine.