European Jewish Parliament calls EU leaders to adopt a declaration against antisemitism at their December summit meeting

EU leaders are expected to adopt a declaration on the fight against antisemitism at their December summit meeting in Brussels. This declaration aims to set a uniform approach within the international community against any form of hostility against the Jews at a time when in the framework of the global corona pandemic anti-Jewish conspiracy theories are flooding the social media.

Hateful discourse that is directed at the Jewish people can escalate easily, posing a threat to democratic values, peace and stability in societies the world over. European Jewish Parliament has long worked with the European institutions to ensure that the fight against antisemitism is at the forefront of the EU’s human rights agenda.

said EJP Chairman Vadim Rabinovich

Educating against Anti-semitism now will bear much Fruit in our future World.It is our own responsibility to Stand Up to Anti-semitism. Let us use our Time, Resources, Voices, Friendships,Alliances, & Global Networking to Educate the World where Anti-semitism is rearing its hate filled acts against the innocents.

EJP Vice President Alexander Zanzer

Also, one step would be for all the member states to adopt the International Alliance for Holocaust Remembrance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism.