European Jewish Parliament Board meeting

On December 7th 2020, the EJP Board meeting – a meeting of the European Jewish Parliament Board was held online. The meeting was attended by the EJP Vice Chairman Cefi Kamhi, EJP Vice Chairman Alexander Zanzer and EJP Secretary General Tomer Orni.

The new reality dictates the unprecedented actions and solutions. EJP Zoom Board meeting was held in order to establish and outline EJP functioning in 2021.

During the meeting presented a roadmap on the EJP activities over the next year, the main directions of the Parliament’s focus and keeping ties with EJP members in the ‘new reality”. The board members appealed with words of support at this difficult time.

The participants of the EJP Board meeting approved the action plan on the activity of the European Jewish Parliament for the year 2021, aiming at cultivating positive EJP image on the international arena, tightening relations with the state of Israel as well as building ties with UAE, an Arab state that was first to take a huge step towards peace and prosperity in the region, focusing on promoting the improvement of the Regional – Israeli relations.

“We are poised on the verge of a new Middle East. Regional powers are reconsidering their foreign policy and their relations are moving towards rapprochement that could hardly be imagined before.

Israel’s close ties with the Arab world will fundamentally change the situation in the region and will undoubtedly contribute to its development and prosperity. The State of Israel has become a major player in the Middle East arena, which is reflected in the policies of the regional states.

It is vitally important to strengthen mutually beneficial relations with EJP and UAE officials “, – said EJP Secretary General Tomer Orni.

“The diversity of our projects reflects the diversity and the uniqueness of Jewish life. During these difficult times, we continue to support our main initiatives, as well as projects aimed at countering anti-Semitism, preserving the historical heritage of the Jewish people, perpetuating the memory of the Holocaust and supporting the State of Israel”, – said the EJP Vice Chairman Cefi Kamhi

“We call on government leaders to counter anti-Semitism, demonization of the State of Israel and rehabilitation of persons directly or indirectly involved in the murder of Jews during the Holocaust. It is unacceptable to rewrite history, silencing or belittling crimes against Jews during World War II”, – said EJP Vice Chairman Alexander Zanzer.

The board discussed the following internal EJP activities: 

  • holding regular EJP Zoom meetings with EJP members
  • establishing the procedure of accepting new members to the Parliament

Next EJP Board meeting will be held in January to keep track of all EJP activities and initiatives.