EJP members take part in AJC Global Forum 2022

The premier Global Jewish advocacy conference took place from June 12-14 in New York City!

The main massage of the conference was “we need to issue a sharp warning: antisemitism has become increasingly mainstreamed.”

“If you allow antisemitism to flourish… democracy is threatened.”

Throughout these three days, we heard from world leaders, engaged in spirited conversations, and experienced the high-level content you’ve come to expect at AJC Global Forum.

Together we considered the pressing challenges we face as Jews and as Americans, and demonstrated our commitment to fighting rising antisemitism; supporting Israel and widening the circle of peace following the historic Abraham Accords; preventing a nuclear Iran; strengthening U.S. global leadership; and countering threats to our democratic values.

Also among multiple notable speakers addressing the issue of anti semitism, Ukrainian President Zelensky addressed the current situation in Ukraine and made a clarion call for a stepped-up response to Russia’s war of aggression.