EJP member Roger Fajnzylberg elected to FSCJU Steering Committee

We would like to congratulate our EJP member Roger Fajnzylberg on being elected to FSCJU Steering Committee.

EJP member, Roger Fajnzylberg is well known in the French jewish community, as a former general manager of the OSE organisation and also as a Mayor of the city of Sevres. He was elected to the FSCJU Steering Committee.

On his FB page Roger Fajnzylberg thanked for being elected to FSCJU Steering Committee by saying:

“I would like to thank the members of the Jewish social fund unifies for elected me to the National Council and to the members of the council for having me at the Steering Committee.

It’s an honor and a mission in which I will engage.

I commit myself to act for social values and in a unitary vision within the Jewish community as of our Republican National Community, fraternal and in respect for each.”

In France the Unified Jewish Social Fund-FSJU, who is the umbrella organisation of the jewish social, cultural and educational organizations renewed leadership for the next four years: 120 members for the National Council, 30 were elected for the Steering Committee and Ariel Goldmann was reelected as its President.

FSJU is one of the three branches of the official jewish Community, the Consistoire for the religious Affairs, the Crif for the political affairs and FSJU for the social, cultural and educational affairs.