EJP member Lev Samovski on the updates of Jewish community in Georgia

Over the last EJP Zoom meeting EJP member Lev Samovski spoke about the news of Jewish community in Georgia.

“Georgia   is a little bit far from Europe, but we,  despite Pandemia, have an active Jewish life. Over the last  months   we had two significant facts: one  positive and one negative.

Negative  was connected with sermon delivered by one of the metropolitans of Georgian orthodox church which had been  interpreted as anti-Semitic  and  also continued by one of the deacons  whose     service  was full of conspiracy anti-Semitic theories.

The  fact had immediate reaction as in Jewish community, so in Georgian officials. The Israeli house in Georgia condemned these facts and organized a TV bridge between Knesset members and Georgian officials. Israel Embassy in Georgia organized TV conference with public defender and other government and public figures

The positive one was that Israeli embassy with the participation of Georgian non government organization and Jewish community presented the project: “The legacy of Georgia’s once-vibrant Jewish communities” . It also explores the memory, legacy and traditions left behind by a community, which has existed for over 2 millennia, shown  In a series of films, features and original photos. One of the films  tells the story of Shalom Koboshvili – the first Jewish painter in Georgia, who documented the evocative atmosphere of the Jewish life in Georgia  in early of the 20 th century.”