EJP member Denis Ojalvo: How to diagnose new Antisemitism using the “3D Test”

EJP member Denis Ojalvo provided his feedback and expertise on the modern ways of combatting new forms of Antisemitism using the “3D Test”.

My take is that populations in Arab and Moslem countries like Turkey, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia etc. are subject to purposeful disinformation fed by their respective governments regarding Israel and the Jews.

Unfortunately that black propaganda spreads to Europe the USA and wherever the diasporas of these countries live.

Jews are vilified stating some verses of the Koran where they are accused of knowingly distorting the Torah when conveying it to third parties; and especially the Gargat or Gharqad Tree Hadith:
where they say that the end of times will not come until the Moslems will go to war against the Jews and annihilate these.

On the other hand, the same populations are kept away from Koranic verses which sustain the bond between the Holy Land and its rightful owners the Children of Israel.
These are:
  5- Al Maidah  21
  7- Al Araf     137
10- Yunus        93
17- Al Isra      104
20- Ta-Ha         80
Please read these through.

What can be done?
1- Find a way to reach those populations in their native languages and explain them that the Jewishness of the Gharqad or Gargat tree mentioned in that Hadith has no basis in Judaism and is unknown to Jews. Please consult the above web link.
2- Bring the above mentioned verses to the attention of the same publics in their respective languages, if possible through visual means such as YouTube.

In the Turkish case an additional stratagem is used:
A- The Islamists present the two blue stripes on the Israeli flag as the rivers Nile and Euphrates, bringing Genesis 15:18 as a proof of Jewish/Israeli expansionism. 
B- The fact that the river Euphrates generates in Turkey is cynically exploited and Israel is accused of having territorial claims and designs on Turkish lands. 
That argument plays into the hands of both Islamists and Nationalists and is a source of serious hatred against the Jews and Israel in Turkey

What can be done?

a- The difference between the land promised to Abraham’s progeny (which theoretically include the Arabs) Genesis 15:18 and the land of Canaan where Moses led the Children of Israel Numbers 34: 1-12 SHOULD be emphasized.
b- The contents of Psalm 137 should be brought to them as a proof that we Jews consider the River of Babylon as a “Strange Land”. That psalm which indicates the attachment of the Jewish People to Zion and Jerusalem is considered as HOLY by the Moslems too because the Psalms are among the 4 books holy to Islam: The Torah (Tawrat), The Psalms (Safar al Mazamir), The New Testament ( Al Ahd al Jadid) and the Koran (Al Quran)

I would be glad and honored if you could give due consideration to my feedback and suggestions and confirm that the contents of my message are properly understood.