EJP member Avigdor Nosikov met with Rabbi Elie Abadie

Ejp member while visiting Dubai, UAE met with Rabbi Elie Abadie. They had a fruitful discussion on the situation with the Jewish community of the region.

After the meeting Avigdor Nosikov stated:

“First of all, the fact of the existence of Jewish community in UAE is an indicator that Jews and Muslims can perfectly coexist, respecting each other. Fortunately, we have much more in common than it seems at first glance.

Recently, many Muslim countries have changed their course towards rapprochement with Israel and with the Jews, and this course is for the benefit of all its participants.

⠀We can all can live peacefully, and the Emirates is a perfect example of this! God grant that this practice has a universal, even worldwide coverage of all nations and peoples!”