EJP member about situation in Germany: Germany is more prepared to fight the virus than other European countries

In a series of reports on the situation with COVID-19 in various countries, member of the European European Parliament (EJP) Igor Yurist spoke about the current situation with the virus.

To date, in the country 20 people died, 8084 are infected. Angela Merkel warned the population that 70% of the country’s population would fall ill.

What do we know for today?

The virus is especially dangerous for the elderly population of the planet 60 years and more. The vaccine has not yet been found. Wearing a mask will not protect against infection, you can get infected through eyes.

Until last week, only macaroni and toilet paper were actively bought in Germany. On Friday morning, they announced the closing of schools and kindergartens in four German lands until April 19. By the end of the month they promise to close all lands. And from that moment the real panic began. People started buying everything: meat, canned goods, long-stored bread and household chemicals from the shelves.


If possible, workers are transferred to work remotely. Paramedics, police and firefighters are transferred to stand by. Special places are organized for their children. All other children are homeschooling in remote learning.

In some places of our city, devices with disinfectants are installed. At the box office of some stores there are bottles for hand disinfection.

 Theaters, sports sections, libraries, close large shopping centers, fitness studios, clubs and discos are closed. There is a limit for visits to patients in hospitals. scheduled operations are cancelled . 

Resorts cancel their reservation and return the money. From March 16, they are not allowed to accept guests for 2 weeks.

Neighboring countries in a hurry close the borders with Germany. Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland. 

Friends were not allowed into the Czech Republic. Neither the lack of temperature nor any persuasion helped.

And at the same time, I understand that Germany is more prepared for the epidemic of the virus than other countries. Germany has one of the highest per capita hospital beds in the world – 30 for every 100,000 inhabitants. In addition, German hospitals are much better than, for example, Italian or French, equipped with modern medical equipment, in particular, artificial respiration devices, to which patients have to be connected to in case of severe COVID-19 case.

What is especially motivating is the unity of the population in the face of the virus.

In the local German media, on bulletin boards on the streets of German cities, as well as on social networks, there is a growing number of all kinds of proposals for the provision assistance to the sick and elderly people in the high-risk group in the context of a coronavirus pandemic.

Facebook is full of advertisements from young people offering old people in the neighborhood to go shopping or help them order food online. There are people who are ready to simply come to single elderly residents who have lost the opportunity to see their grandchildren to talk to them, play chess or cards. And this is another reason to be proud of the country.

I am sure that the main thing is not to panic and keep calm.