EJP is deeply concerned by the acts of vandalism in Armenia

EJP members from Alexander Sharovsky and Boris Mushailov shared their outrage on the recent acts of vandalism and antisemitism in Armenia.

A monument to the victims of the Armenian and Jewish genocide was desecrated in Yerevan. Unidentified persons have stained the “Jewish” half of the monument made up of two steles with red paint. The inscription was left on the memorial: on your hands is blood. The “Armenian” half of the monument remained intact.

Also, a monument erected as a sign of friendship between Israel and Armenia, desecrated in Yerevan.

The photograph of a memorial sign was installed almost 12 years ago on the Armenia-Israel Friendship Alley in one of the parks in Yerevan. It says “Friendship Alley Armenia-Israel, 20.03.2009, Yerevan” in Armenian and English, but the inscriptions are filled with bright red paint.