EJP highly appreciates input of MEJP Joe van den Bergh and is thankful for being part of it.

European Jewish Parliament highly appreciates the continuous work and participation in EJP affairs of Joe van den Bergh and sadly announces that due to the age he took a decision to leave the Parliament.

We are thankful for all these years, wisdom and support Joe consistently demonstrated. You will always be in the history of our Parliament and in hour hearts. We wish you long years and good health.

Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing with an email now and then.

“After much sole searching and due to poor health and 75 years old I have reluctantly decided to take the path of discretion and quietly resign from the Parliament.I have been a member from the inception of  the parliament  and have had many enjoyable hors with fellow MEPs. THanks to EJP I have had the opportunity to visit places I normally  would never have visited and met many interesting people from very  divergent walks of life.What a unique experience, all due to the generosity of  one man Vadim Rabinovich.Please pass on to him my kind personal regards and many sincere thanks.
Warm Regards
Joe van den Bergh”

EJP Chairman Vadim Rabinovich highly appreciated the contribution of Joe.