EJP fully supports the decision of the Polish Senate to postpone controversial bill seeking to ban export of kosher meat

European Jewish Parliament  will never falter in its determination to stand up for Jewish life, tradition, values and practice wherever and whenever they are under threat in Europe.

A move to ban the export of kosher meat from Poland ”would severely impact Jewish communities across the continent who, either by size or limited resources, rely heavily on Poland as a supplier of kosher meat.

The Polish Senate has voted to postpone until 2025 the controversial animal rights bill provisions seeking to ban the export of kosher meat.

Last month,  the Sjem, the Polish parliament’s lower house, voted in favor of the Law on Animal Protection, submitted by the ruling Law and Justice party,

But in order to go into effect, the bill needed the Senate support.

An open letter had been initiated and signed by dozens of Jewish leaders and parliamentarians across Europe and Israel in which signatories voiced their opposition to the provisions on kosher meat in the bill and called on the Polish government to reject them.

EJP member and the President of Jewish community in Poland Monica Krawczyk expressed her disapproval of the ban and stressed on the importance to keep fighting to stop any eventual ban.

Poland is one of the biggest European exporters of kosher meat. It is estimated that banning the for-export production kosher meat would cost the Polish economy $1.8 billion.