EJP Chairman provided 20 tons of oxygen to Odessa hospital

The staff of the Odessa hospital thanked Vadim Rabinovich for 20 tons of oxygen and saved lives.

The Odessa City Infectious Diseases Hospital thanked EJP Chairman for the promptly provided 20 tons of oxygen to their institution.

Doctors confirmed that in Odessa ( as in many regions of Ukraine), a very difficult situation has developed with the provision of hospitals with medical oxygen that is necessary for the treatment and recovery of patients with COVID-19.

“Our hospital also suffered from a lack of oxygen. Due to the virtually impossibility of saving lives, both medical staff and relatives of patients were in despair, understanding that they could lose their loved ones. In addition, with the new wave of coronavirus, the number of new patients increased significantly.” , – says the collective thanking letter of the Odessa doctors to EJP Chairman.

“At a difficult moment, the charitable action of Vadim Rabinovich offered assistance to our hospital. It is impossible to overestimate such help. You have helped doctors return to full-time life-saving work and patients to their families. Long years of life to you and happiness without diseases, dear Vadim Rabinovich! “- reads the letter addressed to the Chairman .