Mon, 14 Oct
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Letter to Prime Minister David Cameron

Dear Mr Cameron 

We are writing to draw your attention to the Petition relating to Lady Ashton, initiated as a joint venture by the European Jewish Parliament and the European Jewish Union, calling for her to apologise or resign following her inappropriate comments following the  horrific events that took place recently in Toulouse,  which you, President Sarkozy, and other world leaders condemned. 

So far, this Petition has been signed by thousands throughout Europe (and increasing daily), and we believe that you will want to demonstrate your and the Government’s solidarity with the sentiments expressed in the Petition, of which a copy is attached. 

You will be aware that Lady Ashton’s term ends in only 2 years, in 2014. She was of course appointed by the European Council, acting by a qualified majority. The Council also has power to end her term of office by reversing the procedure, and we would therefore ask you to propose and actively pursue the termination of her term of office with immediate effect and prior to 2014. We would also ask you to make it abundantly clear to the Union that HMG will not support any extension of her term when it ends. 

The European Jewish Parliament was recently established in Brussels, following the vision of Israel’s President HE Shimon  Peres, comprising Members from around 50 countries,  serving as a platform for European Jewry and presenting a new voice from Western, Central and Eastern Europe. One of its aims is to fight anti-Semitism in Europe. 


Yours sincerely, 


Joël Rubinfeld  Tomer Orni 


European Jewish Parliament


Vadim Rabinovych


European Jewish Parliament 


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