Darkness is fought by the light!

European Jewish Parliament Chairman Vadim Rabinovich commented about help to Croatia which suffered from the earthquake.

“I have another “job”. I lead European Jewish Parliament. And it imposes certain obligations.

Croatia, after the earthquake hardened by the virus, is experiencing huge problems with the products on Pessah. The food truck we sent helped a little and people started to smile !! Darkness is fought by the light! ”

Vadim Rabinovich, EJP Chairman
A little help for Jewish community in Zagreb

European Jewish Parliament provided urgent charity assistance and delivered a food truck to the Jewish community of Zagreb, which suffered from a devastating earthquake.

On March 22, Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, suffered from the worst earthquake in 140 years. The magnitude of the tremors was 5.5. As the result of the devastating disaster buildings were damaged, cars were broken, debris fell on, fires occurred in some places.