Cefi Kamhi, EJP Vice President and Denis Ojalvo, MEJP Turkey highly appreciated EJP General Assembly in Kyiv and Summit of Eurasian Jewry held on November, 27

We are proud of especially two things:

1- The democratic and successful involvement of the Ukrainian Jewish community in Ukrainian politics.

2- The maturity of the larger Ukrainian polity who embraces its Jewish component and enables it to be present and efficient in all walks of Ukrainian public life.

Moreover we were impressed by the primary education complex in Gnativka which sounds so similar with the legendary Jewish town of Anatevka in Sholem Aleichem’s tale.

That complex accomplished the most difficult task of rescuing and  sheltering the Jews from the zones of conflict in war torn Ukraine on their way to Israel or to more peaceful cities in Ukraine itself.

And that’s the biggest Mitzvah of all.

We commend the European Jewish Parliament under the leadership of Mr. Vadim Rabinovych for that outstanding achievement.

We took good note of the close cooperation and synergy with the EAJC-Eurasian Jewish Congress and look forward to an even more enhanced collaboration with the latter.

Cefi Kamhi (Vice-President) and Denis Ojalvo  (MEJP – Turkeу)